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Tip 1: Work with the right ones!

To begin in network marketing you will be introduced by another person to the respective business. This person is entitled as your sponsor. Any person in your chain, who started the business before you, is your upline. Most people who are interested in MLM screen the respective company with the highest intensity but in most cases disregard examining the sponsor and the team with at least the same intensity.

If it is a MLM company with an existing sophisticated training system that gives you multiple contact points if you got any questions, then the company plays a more superior roll for your success. If the MLM company is in an early stage in your area or even country, then it is necessary that work together with experienced and reliable people. In this case the right upline is more important.

Tip 2: Think long term!

Even somebody told you – MLM is no getting rich quick way. Furthermore you don’t get paid a wage after 30 days like in an ordinary job. You don’t trade every single hour for a specific amount of money. In MLM you invest your time. Think and plan long term. Take the next three to five years to learn, grow personally and get the work done to realize your goals.

Tip 3: Start part-time!

Randy Gage, worldwide known MLM expert, has a clear opinion concerning this topic: Even if you earn in MLM the same amount of money as in your main job, don’t you dare quit your job! Not until you make twice or three times as much as you are used to make with your job, you should consider making MLM your main source of income and do it full-time without any financial risk.

Tip 4: Always be honest!

Honesty is the best policy. And especially in network marketing, you should be fundamentally honest because you are going to build a long-term career. Don’t bluff about how much money you or someone else makes in your company. It says: “Whoever always tells the truth, can afford a bad memory.” If you lie about some details of your MLM business now and then, over time the small disagreements will destroy your credibility, piece by piece.

Tip 5: Be someone to follow!

The magic word in MLM is duplication. If you understand the power of the masses, then you know that in MLM it is not important what only especially you can do, but what many other people can do also. To influence your team member to become hardworking and determined nevertheless, you have to take your responsibility as a role model. Like Gandhi said: “Be the change, you want to see in the world!”. Be yourself the kind of representative you want to be your team. Be active, loyal and honest and show other good characteristics so your team can learn from you.

Tip 6: Know your business!

Especially at the beginning of a MLM career you rather let your upline take care of your business. Of course this is lucrative but at the same time dangerous. You could lose potential prospects because you didn’t deal enough with your business yourself. Aspect questions you should be able to answer confidently. Ask yourself what was it you wanted to know the most before you started your business. Are you able to answer those questions? If not, then there is still need for action.

Tip 7: There is no shortcut!

The shortest distance between point A and point B is the straight path. The "shortcut" between point A and point B is basically the greatest imaginable detour. At the end of the day everything will be catching up with you, before you reach your goal. The only shortcut to success is: more work. Realize and accept this fact. You want to accomplish your goals quicker? Then work harder than ever. Stay focused and remain honest to yourself and the people around you. If you do this, you will not only reach your goals but stay there.

Tip 8: Be affable!

There is a MLM law: loose as an individual but win as a team. Even if you are the most talented person MLM has ever seen, without a team you will get nowhere. Because of this you should improve your ability to communicate and be an affable person. People don’t join your team, if they consider you unlikeable or to arrogant. Work on being a indigenous and affable person.

Tip 9: Educate yourself!

Everyone who starts in the MLM had a life before MLM. In this life, you have probably been trained to go through a classical career. Collecting diplomas and working for someone else. Even if you decided to do MLM, you have to continuously inform yourself about this industry. Read books that teach you the right way of thinking. Learn from the best in this branch. And last but not least improve your skills again and again. The more you read, the greater is your insight the easier you can win other people for your project. In the end you are the most important reason why people want to be part of your MLM undertaking.

Tip 10: Your team comes first!

The most unimportant person in your team is you. If you handle this fact different, you will always be the person who works the hardest. In this case you wouldn’t have grasped the basics of the huge potential of MLM. Encourage and challenge your team. Train and educate your team continuously. Don’t be afraid of people who are better than you; quite the opposite. As soon as someone is a better MLM representative than you, your support is no longer needed and you are getting paid because of the sales of this person and its whole team virtually automatically. In addition, the following applies: If you appreciate others for what they do, you will get back even more in return.

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