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Proud Partner of Genesis Mining
OMNIA Marketing Plan


Proud Partner of Genesis Mining

OMNIA – The Future of Blockchain

With the technology and know-how of the world's largest cloud mining provider Genesis Mining, Genesis Mining is launching the OMNIA project as a binary network marketing company. Due to the close ties between both companies, the new company will be launched worldwide as of 1 September 2017 under the name OMNIA - Proud Partner of Genesis Mining. Starting from the. 1 August 2017 starts the prephase, where you can only sign in through an invitation link (you can signup here as one of the first in the network!). The entire technology and team behind OMNIA is the one of Genesis Mining, only the Network Marketing Compensation Plan is under the new name. The opulent remuneration possibilities of the Network Markteting meet with OMNIA on the fundamental basis of Genesis Mining. A combination that you rarely see at the beginning of a Network Marketing company.

OMNIA – The Beginning Of A New Network Narketing Era

Especially for people with experience in Network Marketing, it is of paramount importance that a new network marketing company is launched by founders who have a high level of competence in their core area and are trustworthy. Most of the current MLM and network marketing companies in the blockchain area beginn entirely as a network marketing company. However, some of these companies had and do not have the technology to mine cryptocurrencies. Neither blockchain nor mining farms! Nevertheless money was payed, especially in the beginning. How is this still possible? These companies have therefore launched their business model as an illegal pyramidscheme and thus the allegedly scourged Bitcons ect. By paying in the new members. It is therefore with such companies is a matter of time until everything collapses and the newest members never come into the profit zone. And this is where OMNIA differs essentially from the rest of the world in network marketing with Genesis Mining as the largest shareholder and technology partner.

OMNIA – Serious Network Marketing meets Genesis Mining

OMNIA is therefore not a complete start-up company. It is rather an independent network marketing company that receives great support from industry leader Genesis Mining, a partnership on which OMNIA is very proud. The Internet is full of reports and artickes where the server / mining farms from Genesis Mining are hown. Genuine technology, 700,000 existing customers who already benefit from Genesisi Mining services and an OMNIA founder team that enjoys the highest reputation. Like most of the times the overall story sounds too good to be true, but this time, this company has all sorts of solid evidence that it will keep what others have promised. As the world's most efficient and profitable company in Bitcoin Mining and cryptomining in general, Genesis Mining provides a strong foundation on which OMNIA Network Marketing can build.

OMNIA – High Payouts For Networkers

The goal is clear: faster growth of Genesis Mining by connecting a network marketing plan. And the fastest growing network marketing company is when it properly remunerates its representatives on success. Genesis Mining's marketing plan can be a success, and it's going to hit the hearts of networkers, as well as the existing Genesis Mining customers, as this has had a simple affiliate program that is surpassed by the new marketing plan.

Omnia Tech -  Network Marketing with the Power of Genesis Mining