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MLM Overview


If you are interested in MLM (also known as multi-level marketing or network marketing), then you will get an overview of the topic in the following. In the specific chapters as well as on the right side you will find links to the subtopics, which will give you much more details on the main issue. Taking a look is really worth it, because every domain of the mlm business is depicted in the respective subtopic.

What is MLM?

MLM is worldwide mainly known as multi-level-marketing. In some areas it is also called network marketing or referral marketing. All those terms describe the same thing - a special form of direct sales. In direct sales products and goods are directly sold to the customer by the producer. In MLM an independent partner company arbitrates as a middleman between the producer and the customer. These partner companies resp. their representatives are only paid, if a product is successfully sold and are often not paid a fixed salary like a direct salesman. In this case the middleman or representative of the partner company can either be a reseller or he can just mediate.

The History of MLM

The beginnings of this industry go back to the 40s in the United States. In those days certain products were highly in demand and the companies didn’t know how to meet this demand, so the idea of the middleman was born. This concept proved very successful and more and more companies, using this marketing method, were founded. Even conventional companies switched step by step or they used a few certain features of this new marketing method. Over the intervening years MLM first spread over the United States, then over Canada and finally to Europe and Asia. You will get a deeper insight through our website in the chapter MLM History.

The MLM Industry

MLM is primarily a marketing method, as though some companies focus completely on this marketing method and have grown into large companies; some people call it the MLM industry. On the pages of network experience.net MLM is titled equally good as marketing method as well as industry.

The field of activity in this distribution channel is highly diversified, as MLM is used in different industries. From skincare through Tupperware to the latest technologies. Time didn’t pass MLM without leaving his marks. Created just to meet the demand of the consumer MLM today is a independent business opportunity, which more simple and easier than ever with the help of the world wide web. But what does work routine really look like in the MLM industry? In the near future you’ll get the answer to this question in this chapter.

The Success of MLM

MLM proved to be a successful method to deal with strong demands. Moreover, it proved to be a business for everyone. Things like origin, religion or even the educational background are no objects. Absolutely everybody has the opportunity to realize his dream of independence and get rid of the miserable ordinary employee life. Like everything else in this world MLM also has its particular advantages and disadvantages. For example on the one hand MLM is a low-risk opportunity to start your own business on the other hand MLM gives you irregular income – especially in the beginning.

In every family there is a black sheep and where success is to find there you will also find those, who want to steal a piece of the pie. Attracted by the phenomenal success of MLM in its beginning, some illegal copies crept in. They are known as pyramid schemes.

The difference between MLM and pyramid schemes

Many people are familiar with the term pyramid scheme, but only a few know its real meaning. The sometimes poor reputation of the MLM industry is partly the result of pyramid schemes. However also those have a hand in it, who only have a rough idea what pyramid schemes are, but don’t educate themselves. By visiting our website and looking into the subject of MLM you are showing a personal interest in getting to know the difference between the original and the prohibited copy. Read and internalize what exactly is a pyramid scheme and how to distinguish between both.

MLM is Growing

From today's perspective, MLM is still in its infancy, even though its roots reach back to the '40s. Although MLM is one of the five main methods used by a company to sell and distribute a product or a service to a consumer, you will not find the wealth of information as in many other areas that are much younger. This reveals a huge growth potential. Find out more on our website and learn about the benefits of MLM. Have a hand in making this industry better known and more accepted. Last but not least, you take your chance to participate in the still large growth of MLM.

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